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I am in the process of converting one of my websites over to Xen and wanted to share what I've done so far and get some feedback.
Currently the site isn't live, it's in developmental stage so there isn't a url to share so I took a screenshot of it and will include below.

I'm using AMS to build my homepage with some extra widgets. (The Center widget "From The ToW Club" is still blank because there isn't anything posted in that forum yet). I've had to use some CSS tweaks to get the "Tides Featured" section to properly display latest articles published from newest to oldest. The newest articles are shown as the biggest image and work their way down. So the oldest article that is "featured" is the last one in the 4 article grid. I have made a AMS widget feature suggestion to Bob so hopefully in the future the offset will be in place and users won't have to do any CSS tweaking to get it to look like this.

So far, I've managed to get more functionality out of AMS and if anyone is looking to switch their wordpress site over to Xen I highly recommend the investment. With a little TLC you can do all kinds of cool things with Xen.

This is still a WIP because I do have many more CSS changes to make before I make the final switch but so far it's coming along great.

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