Want to run paid to post for members on my forum


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Don't need an add-on. Use user group promotions, permissions, and user upgrades to handle this. All part of core.


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Here you go: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/pay-to-post.3995/

I mean the forum owner to pay member for posting on its forum.
You can do the exact same thing via core. Also remember that things in core are more likely to be still working in future updates (XF 2.0), whereas addons most likely wont. Additionally core features are free and can do everything you require.
I would like to see the core features charge per image, sticky, and resource posts. Core features cannot do this as to why this addon was developed. Great addon @Liam W !


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I mean the forum owner to pay member for posting on its forum.
That is quite a unique request actually.
You might need to get that developed.

So you want to pay each and every member who posts on your forum? Even if they are spammish or lack quality or do you want control over it? Probably need to provide far more detail on exactly what you need, and please post the link to your site. Im sure there would be plenty of people who would love to post in a forum if they get paid lol

I would really encourage some quality controls on what is going to get paid on a forum. For example 'lol' good enough as a post to get paid? What about really indepth articles as a post? Give as much info to your developer.


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This is easy. I remember one of my first forums i made was for me and my high school friends.

All you need is a credits add-on. Every time someone posts you would recieve 1 credit(1 penny). Later on after someone reaches 1$ they could withdrawl the money.

So you could send them real money via paypal.

After my friends withdrew their money, The next day at school I used to give my friends paper money when i saw them at school. Same thing!

I can't image actually giving people real money for every post. You would have to moderate quality posts. Unless you were super rich. Then it wouldn't matter.

AD Credits would work well. But i'm not sure if you can withdrawl money with his add-on. In fact i will ask about this feature. I know in *******'s you could.

Maybe i'll do this again and print out some cool looking fake currency! and mail it to members home. haha that would be fun... just like the old days..
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