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XF 1.2 want to display latest tweet

Hi All,

Im a newbie here, Im very impressed with the forum and have just migrated from vbulletin, I havent set my site live yet though, nearly there :)

I would like to display my last tweet in the footer column, I am using Quark template with UI.X framework, but it seems there is no simple "latest tweet addon" :(

Can some one help me, I have script I used before on my old site, but I can not get the include to work, maybe some one here could offer me some step by step advise, I have been looking all day, and the threads I have found so far have been hard to understand.

Can anyone offer some advise?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Which latest tweet from where?

If it's a standard Twitter API, all you need to do is configure it in your Twitter dev account, then add the relevant code to the template.

For example, I have one in the sidebar here: http://cliptheapex.com/
Hi Brogam, thanks for your help, I tried the standard widget and its too big and clunky, I just want to display the text only of the latest tweet, similar to this one on another site:

I have the code to do this, but I can't embed it into the xenon forum, it doesn't work, I see something about creating hooks, but I found all the instructions hard to understand.

Thanks for your time


XenForo moderator
Staff member
You just have to add the HTML code provided by Twitter to the template.

You may need to add some styling, depending on how and where you want it displayed.
I know its a bit of a long shot asking this, but can you help me style the font, I have found this CSS info but when I add it to Extras.css nothing changes :(


I would be ever so grateful for any help, all I want to do is change the tweet font to the default website font, at the moment its a diffrent colour and different font.