Wait for version 2, before converting from vBulletin?


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The title says it all:

Wait for version 2, before converting from vBulletin?

I'm an old user of vBulletin, using latest version of the 3.8 branch, which works fine, but I can imagine lots of work to convert and create a design that matches my current site, but I really like XenForo, looks great :)

Chris D

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It's a somewhat tricky question to answer as it depends on your needs, and how much work you want to do to a certain extent, and how much you want to customise your XF1 board.

XF2 is a massive change (you can demo it here https://xf2demo.xenforo.com) so styles and add-ons created for XF1 will not work.

That said, XF1 will be supported for a period of time after the release of XF2, so you may have time on your side.

The wait for XF2 isn't too far away. We're currently in the alpha stages at the moment, with a beta on its way in the coming months. XF2 should be released some time this year.


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never hurts to go from vB 3.x to XF1, and get familiar with the system, and when xf2 is ready in the future, you can upgrade easily.


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I'm not in a hurry, and the design definately needs some work to match my current, so maybe the best answer is to wait, if the new version is ready this year, it should be ok, since my vBulletin works perfectly. I just think XenForo is better, more modern and has some great features :)


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Is there a policy for how long xenforo 1.5.x will be supported after xenforo 2.x is released? Just converting one forum now, and trying to decide when to do a second.


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As far as new features go, once XenForo 2 is fully released to the public, I don't think any new features will be added to XenForo 1. However, security patches will continue to be released as necessary for XenForo 1.

I'm not absolutely sure, but it would make sense.


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I am sure as long as you have a valid license you will get xf1 support while your support period is valid for that license. And at least until they announce EOL for 1.x I hope that won't be 'fast', because me and others will remain on 1.5 for quite some time.
Little note, not sure if you have migrated already but honestly, I would migrate to xF1 because the importers have been well and truly tested. And the upgrader from xF1 -> xF2 would be from XF themselves.

This way you can also ride out version 1 for a while whilst any kinks/bugs get patched and developers update their plugins/themes. v1 is the way to go I think.