Anything to know before converting from vB 4.2 -> Xenforo?

I've read most of the faq's and things. But I'll be moving a forum that has, Threads 53,857 Posts 1,756,245 Members 1,108 from vBulletin 4.2.0. Any quirks I should know about moving that many posts and threads? I'll also hopefully be moving all our files, avatars, attachments. The forum is 7 years old and started on vB 3.0.7 I believe and has been upgraded since.

We're running on a VPS so if there's anything we may need to know about that, great.

I saw the ability to purchase enhanced search, and vB's search is something my users complain about regularly, would this be something I should look into?

Basically just looking for tips that might help the move. I plan on purchasing in the next few days and setting up a test environment and practicing the move there first obviously.

Thanks a ton in advance! Very excited to get started with Xenforo.


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That size forum should be fairly straightforward.

I would recommend the Enhanced Search add-on for any site with in excess of 1m posts.
MySQL starts to struggle around that point.