VPS for xenForo?

Can anyone recommend a CPanel managed VPS that would run xenforo and possibly a wordpress site? Iv been tearing my hair out trying to find a host. I discovered you guys while trying to find a vb alternative. And I'm just trying to sort out a host before I purchase.

My budgets around $20- $35 a month.

Thank You
Right would 30? still be too low? I did find a few plans that came to less than $300 with a cpanel licence. But there live chat was well lets say less than competent for me to actually go ahead.

Realistically how difficult is it going unmanaged?

P.s Thank You!


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Realistically how difficult is it going unmanaged?
The most appropriate answer is; It depends!

If you are a full time linux system admin in real life then it's easy. If you are not, then things can get complicated quickly. Are you a quick learner, do you have the time? What's your time worth? Can you really think of all the issues that need to be considered (i.e. DOS attack prevention, brute force discouragement, bind monitoring, tweaking of apache, php, mysql to consume less memory)? Do those things matter when you just start out? Probably not, on a small forum most those things are pretty irrelevant. If you are just starting out and you have no idea how well your forum will do then a decent shared plan (don't do HostGator, they DB performance blows) will be fine. Pick a host that has a good VPS plan though so that you don't need to switch hosts when you need to upgrade to VPS as your forum grows.

To me the most important aspect of managed is that it saves me time. There are only 24 hours in a day, what am I going to spend that time on?
Let's say you go unmanaged, and let's just for the sake of this argument assume that once everything is set up (which you will burn countless hours on, dozens for sure to learn how it all works and what you need to look out for and how to optimize it etc.) you spend 1 hour per week on maintaining your unmanaged system.

That's 4 hours per month spent to save $20 per month, meaning you are working for $5/hour. Alternatively you can go managed, have those 4 hours a month available, work one hour out of the 4 to make $20 and still come out three hours ahead which you can spend on whatever you like.

Unless a host provides 24/7 phone support I would not buy managed services from them simply because I wouldn't trust them to not be some reseller making some easy money by providing "managed" services with guaranteed 24 hour response times on tickets.
Thanks Kier. Seems to make sense. In which case is there any good hosts you can recommend for shared hosting? I was on Lunarpages they didnt treat me that well. And I switched to Justhost who I had constant downtimes with. And I got fed up with trying to explain to them made me purchase various add ons and then inevitably switched my server without telling me for no apparent reason and I lost a weeks worth of content. And all they could say was too bad. No high usage or anything at all. the board had 4 active users and a 100 posts. Really absurd.

So yeah I'd appreciate if someone could point me to a good host. Hostgator is having a good promotion atm any inputs on them? I've heard good things.

Also just for my info. anything less than a 50 on VPS I take is not too good?

Thank You.

edit : Brogan Ill check it out thanks. Man you guys reply fast completely missed the posts.

User thank you for all the input. I do learn fast but atm I dont think I honestly have the time. So in which case Id be better off with a goof shared host like Kier suggested.
Checking it out now thanks James.

I was reading the forum Brogan directed me to. And I came across Shamil's (if i got his name right) vps plans optimized for xenForo thats a little too pricey for me atm at 45$ however I came across the http://www.radonsystems.net/services/website-hosting/vps-plans.19 which has a plan for 15 (+15 for cpanel) Would that not suit my purpose? As he seems to be apart of the xenforo community I take it the hosts can be fairly trusted as well?


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Basic VPS$15

  • CentOS x64 (5.x)
  • 512 MBRAM
  • 20GBDisk Space
  • 2000GB Bandwidth/month
It could work for you. It meets XFs requirements anyway, but you'd have to talk to Shamil personally to see if it's worthwhile.


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As he seems to be apart of the xenforo community I take it the hosts can be fairly trusted as well?
This is not intended as a slight against Shamil, but XenForo Ltd. doesn't endorse any of the services provided by any members.

This is reinforced by the third party forum description:
The services announced in this forum are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by XenForo Ltd.
In that light I guess if he was providing crappy service someone here would've made some noise surely. Logic? Or just hopefulness? lol Either this is giving me a headache. James said you were with http://www.eukhost.com/ for awhile. Is that correct? They were decent ?


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I've been with them for a while now, still am.

It's shared hosting and there are the very occasional outages but for the price (less than £50 per year) I can't complain at all.

The site never suffers from slow down, bottlenecks or any other problems, really.


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Support is OK.

I generally have to alert them to problems, and it can take them a bit longer to resolve them than I'd like, but they get there in the end.