Lack of interest Votes (instead of the Polls)

Michael Dance

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I was just thinking, maybe instead of Polls, a Voting system, where you can vote for an idea. It would be unique as i dont think another forum software has it. But it would be nice maybe to include it with polls.

Make a poll
Make a vote

"Vote if you want to see ..... be a Moderator"
Yes - 60

a bit like (sorry im not that good creating images)​
Just in idea :)

Michael Dance

Active member
I cant find it, but there was a nice online software like a forum which people post ideas and then you had a certain amount of votes and you could click Vote and it uses one of your votes and adds it to the Votes for that idea in that bubble type.

Thought we could do it so when you earn say 10 Trophy's you get 5 votes.

Sorry if it seems the same as another feature i just saw it (but lost it) or id show you but i thought it would be a nice feature to have in Xenforo as VBulletin or the other forums dont have this included it could be a On / Off feature so you can use it or not.