Visible missing buttons to editor - QUOTE, CODE, PHP, etc.

Nice work but be aware Mike will probably be doing something with the code/html/php buttons.

Also Kier has mentioned the editor will be getting on overhaul at some point.

I'm just mentioning it so people don't spend too much time on the editor :)
True, but consider this a just for now thing.


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Nice work. I was going to ask if this makes use of the sprite sheet though glancing at the code it looks like it does. I really can't wait for the whole editor to get a makeover it's just horribly unattractive atm and doesn't do the product any justice whatsoever.

Anyway, nice work.


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Thanks for this, Question maybe a Mod can answer.. Why is there a quote button on the official forum but customer copies of Beta 2 do not? Is running the same version as us license holders running beta 2?


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#13 is updated continuously with bug fixes, new features, etc.

Anything changed since the last release will be included in the next release.


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Thanks Brogan figured thats what it was, Just wanted to be sure i didnt miss something.. I guess i can just wait till beta 3 for my quote button. None of my forums require the others..

On a side note Damn that was a fast reply..