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Visible missing buttons to editor - QUOTE, CODE, PHP, etc.

Nice work but be aware Mike will probably be doing something with the code/html/php buttons.

Also Kier has mentioned the editor will be getting on overhaul at some point.

I'm just mentioning it so people don't spend too much time on the editor :)
True, but consider this a just for now thing.


Well-known member
Nice work. I was going to ask if this makes use of the sprite sheet though glancing at the code it looks like it does. I really can't wait for the whole editor to get a makeover it's just horribly unattractive atm and doesn't do the product any justice whatsoever.

Anyway, nice work.


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Thanks for this, Question maybe a Mod can answer.. Why is there a quote button on the official forum but customer copies of Beta 2 do not? Is xF.com running the same version as us license holders running beta 2?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
XenForo.com is updated continuously with bug fixes, new features, etc.

Anything changed since the last release will be included in the next release.


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Thanks Brogan figured thats what it was, Just wanted to be sure i didnt miss something.. I guess i can just wait till beta 3 for my quote button. None of my forums require the others..

On a side note Damn that was a fast reply..