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XF 1.5 Viglink configuration - Losing revenue

I was earning about 4 times more with Viglink on Vbulletin per day than I have been since starting with Xenforo.

I have Viglink installed just before the body tag of the Page Container template and I have tabnab set to false in the config.php.

Is there anything else I'm missing here? Is the Page Container the correct template to show Viglink with? I don't have any conditionals set for it either. It should show to everyone.

Would the the option "convert links to page titles" have an impact on Viglink?

I had it set to on, I just turned it off as a test.


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You can try disabling reverse tabnabbing protection in your config.php file:
$config['enableReverseTabnabbingProtection'] = false;
This is discussed here: https://xenforo.com/help/config-php-options/ It opens up a theoretical vulnerability (though an edge case) but it may avoid interference with services such as Viglink.
Yesterday's revenue was actually worse than the two days prior.

Is anyone earning good money with Viglink and Xenforo?


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It may be worth checking with Viglink to have them confirm that everything appears to be working on their end. Without the reverse tabnabbing protection, there shouldn't be any interference from anything within XF.
Viglink got back to me. They said they needed to make a configuration change on their end to facilitate the switch between VB and Xenforo. Hopefully things will begin to pick up.
I can see Viglink is adding links on the site again and revenue is increasing.
The answer is to let Viglink know that the forum changed software so they can properly configure on their end.

Thanks for helping me through this.
Terrible. This is my worst month ever with Viglink. I contacted them at the end of last week and told them if things didn't improve I was going to have to drop them for another revenue stream. They said they would put the problem through to their engineers to look into it. All other metrics for the forum look very good since the switch to Xenforo.
Rick I have been struggling with this as well for several months too... I went from 200 + months to less that 20 a month. Viglink says all is good and the tools all show traffic is moving and links are working. I noticed last night that I have ZERO revenue on the mobile application. I am curious to see what you show, I know my mobile traffic has officially overtaken standard desktop so a big switch to Xenforo then on top of that if there is a code issue gone wrong and the mobile version isnt working then we might have found our problem....

Can you help confirm..
Viglink's new interface shows that I'm earning much more from desktop users than mobile. Desktop users are still the majority on my forum, but not by much.
I took viglink off they made me angry and then they came back and told me they had some code they wanted me to to use but they noticed that I wasn't running Viglink anymore... DUH I told them in my last email I was taking it down...

However I have a theory from something that I noticed today... Will get back with you soon...
Funny, I removed their code today. I've had an account with Skimlinks for ages, but never tried it until today. Time for a comparison.