Not a bug Viewing the forum in an iPad, footer issue

I spent a few hours looking into this and just discovered the issue existed here at the Xenforo forum as well.

When viewing the forum in an iPad (using Safari/landscape mode), the footer will not end where it should. Instead it continues to scroll down a good entire screen width, showing nothing but a fully greyed blank screen.

At first I thought it was my forum and some template modification that I made, but the same thing happened when I switched my forum into the "default" mode. I deactivated all the add-ons as well, to no avail.

So I wondered if it was native to Xenforo so I tried the same thing here at

Same thing. When I view the forum here on an iPad and scroll down to the footer, the footer ends, but the screen does not. I can scroll another entire screen width before the roll stops. I'd give a screenshot but that is nothing but a blank, gray screen.

When I tried this other Xenforo forums, I get the same result.

Yet, when I view both my forum and on Safari on a laptop or a desktop, it renders perfect.

Any ideas?