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Hi, I'm currently considering a switch from vBulletin 4 Publishing suite to XenForo, but before I decide what to do, I'd really like to get a feel for what style and graphical customisation are available.

I can see that a number of your forums discuss styles, graphics themes etc, but while I understand that only customers can post in these forums, I'm finding it quite frustrating that viewing rights don't extend to any of the attached images, screenshots and graphics in the posts. Is this an intentional block, or is there something wrong?

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Only customers can download attachments and view full size images in the customer forums.

Why can't I post, view or download attachments in the Customer forums?
These forums are restricted to licensed customers only. Up to four forum user names can be associated with each customer account, enabling license owners to grant access for their site staff.

I have a license yet I still can't post, view or download attachments in the Customer forums.
Ensure you have associated your forum user name with your customer account. If you used the same email address for both accounts, they will be synchronised automatically. It can take up to 10 minutes to process.
I'm Sorry Brogan. Had I read the FAQ properly I would have seen this. I just scanned over it and antirely missed the word attachments.

Apologies for wasting your time.