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If you go to the last page of these results, you'll see a link to get more.

I wouldn't recommend setting that option so high for performance reasons.
Mike, i am afraid that my question is not clear.

on this community there are
Messages: 995,393

when i click on "new posts" and then on "Recent Posts"
i get 10 pages of posts,
then i click 0n page 10. but i hove no more option to see more old posts.
only this message: Showing results 181 to 198 of 198. that is it.

but i need to see older posts (for example posts number 10000-10100 from 995393)
thank you


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That's different from the original question. Our responses were based on finding a particular user's content.

The "find new" stuff is limited by the max number of search results. You can increase it, but I generally wouldn't recommend taking it up to 10000.
Mike, thank you for reply,
i would like to tell, this is not very important, but i still have question
in search option in admin panel i have limit 1000

but wen i press "new post" and then "recent post" i get only 180 posts avaible. do i do something wrong?




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This is also limited by the "Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days)" option, which defaults to 30 days. You can increase it, but I wouldn't go too high as there are performance implications (it's limited to a year).