XF 2.2 Video uploads, some work some don't


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I did a quick test on here to see if was just me, it turned out the same result....

Since getting a new phone (Samsung S23) I can upload MP4 videos taken with the S23 to XF and more importantly our forum (as before using my old Samsung S20), yet for some reason now I can't view them using Firefox whereas I can do so using Chrome, and this is on both mobile and desktop.
To throw another anomaly into the mix, one of our moderators using Chrome cannot see the videos I upload yet can see the placement, ie ....


If I take the same video and compress it to a nominal size it has no effect.

But if I upload the same video to WhatsApp, then download it, and then upload it to the forum, it works fine and we can both view it regardless of device or browser.

I'm totally perplexed here, it's not witchcraft, more likely something to do with the encoding, but would appreciate an explanation as to what causes the issue, and more importantly how to overcome it.

On the S23 Settings>Advanced video options>High efficiency videos>select 'Off'

which switches off the saving in HVEC format and saves in H.264 format
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