Video does not enlarge to fit screen


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Video embed sizes are fixed by the media BB code.
Although that's true in posts, video embeds in the Media Gallery automatically expand to fit the space available. You can see that here, for example:

@dutchbb, are you by any change using s9e Media BBCodes pack? If so, make sure you are using the latest version as one of the previous recent versions caused this issue.

If you're not using that add-on, then there is something else at play that's causing your issues.


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@Martok No it's a clean install/style, and with the default css/html the videos are not fluid. It leaves a lot of white space as you can see.

Yeah I was wondering if it's default behavior or not.


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It might be worth posting your YouTube media BB Code in case that's the issue.

Have you tested with the other default BB Code media sites - Vimeo, Daily motion etc - to see if it happens with them too?

Chris D

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It's very possible that the embed HTML is the old style one from XF 1.x which uses <object> tags instead of <iframe>.

So as stated, that would need to be updated.