Vertiforo [Paid] 1.6.6

No permission to buy ($10.00)


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This is one of the most creative and beautiful looking styles I have ever purchased.Amazing job and I'm very surprised on the price,as I feel this theme deserves much.I was stuck on an area,and the author was very fast in responding and very helpful in helping with this situation.Thumbs up and if you are questioning on buying this style,you will only miss out on the potential of this.Nice going again @MattiGB I'm looking forward to your newest products :)


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MattiGB updated Vertiforo with a new update entry:

Xenforo 2.0.3 + fixes

Custom header:
- fixed wrong logo link placement
- fixed sharp edges in rollin animation
- fixed infinite animation for render one and two
- fixed margin for Firefox
- fixed display priority of renders

- responsive improvements
- new placement for subforums
- new option to display forums (empty default style)
- fixes for sidebar left/right option
- fixed avatar placement
- fixed display long description
- fixed display long title
- fixed display long username
- fixed...
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Awesome! Will that plugin work on Vertiforo? I just want to know if it's compatible before I buy it and that I won't waste money :)
XenPorta looks fine on my site with this style.

I know I must just be missing it, but how do I set the nodes to Grid and select which ones should 100% vs 50%?


ok, that sets the Node sizes, but it still doesn't display in Grid format. I thought it would be in the edit Category, but it isn't.
Also, SubCategory (category inside a category) Nodes show a bit odd. If at the bottom of the Category display, they appear outside of the container. At the top, they are inside the container, but it still looks odd.

Outside: notice the Links Node, it is actually inside The Lounge category

Top of Category: notice the Archived Rides

Also, are any other colors planed (beside orange, red & green)? I'm just curious.


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You didnt set images for forums. Those are empty default divs which shows when you dont set image URL in forum edit.
Yes there will be more colours.