Vertiforo 1.7.3

No permission to buy ($10.00)
  • support for latest beta
  • fixed problem with margin-top in header renders
Reactions: resonansER
fixed contentrow fader gradient color
fixed borders for node block header
fixed overlay-title background and font color
fixed buttons border radius when posting new thread
fixed important message block border top color
fixed toolbar border color (text editor)
fixed border color for some buttons
fixed guest avatar "?" paddings
fixed sidebar without sticky mode, now it shows how it should
fixed problem with "none" info in empty graphic nodes
fixed paddings with "none" and last reply info in nodes
fixed bug with fixed color hover link
fixed margin for importantalert info
reworked sidebar options, now you can set sidebar on left, right or make full page container nodes only mode
fixed sidebar left responsive problems
fixed sticky left sidebar problem
fixed problem when sidebar wasnt sticky and sidebar shows under main content
fixed problem with firefox and IE border sizes for lastreplies
removed not usable files from theme
  • fixed problem with font awesome and text editor
  • fixed problem with collapse animation
  • fixed problem with empty nodes
  • added hover effect on "empty nodes"
  • added better borders for images nodes
  • added option to change placement of lastpost & node stats info (default 10px)
  • added better borders for memberlist panels
- removed margins from "empty nodes"
  • working with latest version
  • changed positioning of main div's
  • fixes for responsive
  • fixes for FF/IE/Chrome
  • small changes in view post and view forums borders
Vertiforo should work on Xenforo 2.1.
There are few changes with the way how nodes are showing.
Lots of responsive fixes.
Changed nodes look.

  • Better support for IE and iOS
  • small color fixes
- fixed responsive design for ipads and iphones
- changed way the custom header display elements
- fixed some missing backgrounds
- fixed avatar margins for fancy post design
- fixed sidebar behavior on responsive design
- fixed widths for nodes (firefox, safari and IE)
- some small changes in css
Reactions: Jordyn
- fixed colors for forms elements
- fixed color of overlay title
- fixed width for sidebar in default mode
- smaller fixes
- fixed css problems with edge and firefox browsers
- fixed subforum link bug
- fixed not showing small logo in mobile view
- REWORKED nodes to support single, double and TRIPPLE columns!
- INCLUDED Custom Header plugin
- INCLUDED Custom Slider
- added better menu in admin panel
- many fixes in responsive design
- changed default colors
- changed main font
- changed menu tabs animation

  • Price will rise after BETA version from 10$ to 15$.
  • Remember that there still can be some bugs. Nodes plugin was changed so I recomment to uninstall old one and then install new one.