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Vertiforo 1.3.9

No permission to buy ($14.99)
- reworked setting colors for Vertiforo, now you can use your own css or color name
- custom css for Vertiforo Custom Header
- fix for widgets above forums

- old plugin for colors
- fixed empty bar padding in menu
- code cleanup
- small fixes with responsive mode
- Fixed animations permissions
Custom header:
- fixed wrong logo link placement
- fixed sharp edges in rollin animation
- fixed infinite animation for render one and two
- fixed margin for Firefox
- fixed display priority of renders

- responsive improvements
- new placement for subforums
- new option to display forums (empty default style)
- fixes for sidebar left/right option
- fixed avatar placement
- fixed display long description
- fixed display long title
- fixed display long username
- fixed padding for custom footer
- and more
- fixed width bug for forum topics list
- fixed sidebar margins for each option
- fixed search menu link margin
- fixed problems with long nicknames on forum nodes
- fixed problems with long topic titles on forum nodes
- removed unused permissions from Vertiforo Header
- problem with long posts
- problem with opacity of popup elements
- problem with some text in responsive design

- you can use latest posts avatars (no problem with avatar positioning):
- price change
- changed header functions
- new addon for Vertiforo custom header
- small changes in css
- added custom header panel

You can now:
- change header background
- change logo
- change display logo style (Xenforo or Vertiforo). Looks the same but editable in one area

- fixed problems with sidebars
- added option to remove author branding automaticly
- fix with sidebar width
- fix with last post title width
- panel with announcements + permissions
- slider + permissions
- editable position of sidebar (left, right, off)
- setting nodes in forum edit
- color fixes
- removed red and green theme and added option to switch colors (orange, red and green)
Likes: mateuszb47