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Versioning and style/plugin information

Discussion in 'Resource Discussions [Archive]' started by KozmoK, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. KozmoK

    KozmoK Active Member

    Searching each style and add-ons is PAINFULL to find out if it works in 1.1.b3 .. Are there any plans
    to add versioning information in the headers, and if we installed it like they do in VB? I find it easy to search in the right versions for things I need, have, or want.

    With XenForo, I have to read 10 pages of information to see if the author fixed it, or updated it etc.

    I currently subscribe to Zenfracture from themesinc, but I can't wait anylonger for his update I need to update to 1.1.b3 so Im shopping for a theme that just WORKS and is decent.
  2. Floris

    Floris Guest

    Not that this helps your cause, which I support to a point. But on my add-ons I've made the policy to have my versioning match the xenforo's versioning.

    All my 1.0 releases are made for xenforo 1.0.x and should work on the latest stable. And most likely work on 1.1 for example.
    All my 1.1 releases are made for xenforo 1.1.x and should work on the latest available. And perhaps also still work on 1.0's latest stable for example.

    1.0 = 1.0.x
    1.1 = 1.1.x

    Anyway, with hopefully the mentioned resource manager out at some point we can submit resources and select dependencies and what not. Searching through them via tags/filters should be easy then.

    'show me all [stable] releases for xenforo [1.1.x]' resulting in the plugins you might be looking for.
  3. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    You'll be looking for a while, none of the commercial style shops support beta products as far as I've seen.

    Remember, beta software is unsupported by the development team, and they recommend that it not be used for a live board. It is a given that developers and designers are unlikely to support it until it is stable as well.
  4. Deebs

    Deebs Well-Known Member

    I use XenFracture perfectly well enough with XF 1.1 b3. There are a few niggles but certainly no showstoppers. It was just a case of comparing templates and backporting the new features in XF 1.1 to XenFracture.
  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Every member here has the ability to edit their posts.

    If add-on authors don't keep the first post up to date with pertinent information, there is little that can be done about it.

    The Resource Manager may help, but again it will depend on authors keeping the information updated.

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