XF 1.1 (Version 1.1.4): Still Cannot Install on my Server ;-(.


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I was forced to use someone else's hosting in order to install my xenforo because the install keeps failing when I try to install on my own server. I have had the admin try, only to no avail and there is no reasons where we can fix to get it to work. I really need help in getting the install onto my 'own' server as I'm paying out of pocket for a hosting plan which I do not need to have to pay for.

Can someone please help?

Here is the location of where my install keeps failing, and if a professional person wants access to my server we can work that out privately:


Here is a snapshot just before I start the install. Everything says 'GO' but when I click on begin and put in the necessary info, it does not complete:


This is the error I get when I attempt the install: