Can Enhanced Search be installed on my server?

Can Enhanced Search be installed on my server? I'm on a dedicated server through Dreamhost, when I contacted them asking if elasticsearch 0.16.0 or newer was on my server, this was there reply:


Thank you for contacting DreamHost support.

Unfortunately it is not on the VPS by default. You could install it
yourself, however, when doing some research on my end, it looks like it
may require "sudo" or root access to your Domain, which is not something
that we provide.

If you had to have this extension and it did require root access, you
could sign up for DreamCompute in your panel: Cloud -> DreamCompute. For
more information on DreamCompute, you may find the following article

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or
anything else we can assist you with.

Have a great day,


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I suggest asking them to install ElasticSearch v2.1.0 on your VPS and tell them you're willing to pay for their time. Typically the charge is about $30.00 so it's well worth it.
Well, that didn't go well. lol

Thanks for writing today.

> Could you guys install ElasticSearch v2.1.0 on the VPS? I'm willing
> to pay for your time.

I understand! Unfortunately, installing custom scripts is outside our
scope of support, and we do not have a team that handles any requests for
custom installs of third party programs. This can be installed manually,
but our team is unable to install custom items for you.

Thank you,

Mike Edge

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Opps sorry, not sure why I thought it said shared hosting in your OP...

For a VPS, just install by yum or apt-get it's easy.. just a few steps to follow.