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Veggie Views can be described as a not-for-profit general discussion forum for vegetarians & vegans, though there is obviously particular focus on issues that veg*ns tend to consider important. The board has been online since approx May 2012. Earlier that year I quit my co-admin role at a similar board that was being sold. At first I thought I'd just set up a blog or something and move on, but it turned out I'd become too addicted to forums and enjoyed being an admin too much to quit. We had looked at XF as a possible software for the other board, and now I decided to give it a go. I've not had any regrets :) Most of the VV membership came from the other board, but we've managed to recruit several new members as well.

I'm looking for advice and feedback on basically everything. SEO, layout/style, forum structure, anything you can think of.

I've been wanting to purchase a light style to use as our default, but can't seem to find one I really like. I wanted to like the UI.X one, but on closer inspection the fonts and colours put me off. I really like the Quark style by the same designer, but that's a dark style. I like styles that are "responsive", and especially I would love to have a style that displays forums side-by-side on big monitors, as is the case with UI.X I believe.

I've also been toying with the idea of purchasing an article system, like XenZine, but not sure I have enough time to devote to it, and my members didn't seem too enthusiastic when I floated the idea a while back.

Anyway, here's the link: