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We have a site running the latest VBulletin 5.6.4. The Xenforo importer documentation states that it is compatible up to vb5.3.x. Are there known incompatibilities with the later version? (Is the documentation out of date, or has a newer version not been tested?)
The documentation may be out of date though we don’t routinely test every new forum version that comes out.

The importer - in code - is named vBulletin 5.x which implies we expect it to work in any version of 5.x.

If you do come across any issues as a result of changes in 5.x just let us know by opening a ticket and we’ll generally have a workaround in place quickly.

The key thing is to test the import before doing it live. That way these types of issues can be surfaced and fixed before you go live.
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