vbulletin to xenforo paid subscriptions


Just wanted to check before I press the buy button that xenforo will import vbulletin 4.2 paid subscriptions?


Vbulletin urls / links to other posts will still be valid?



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Recurring subscriptions won't be imported.
Members will have to resubscribe.

Redirection is required to ensure existing links resolve to the new URL.
There are scripts available.
Just want to resurrect this thread to get some clarity on the situation with Subscriptions.

Moving from vBuleltin 4.2... to xenforo

Am I right in thinking that members subscriptions will be retained until they expire and there is no continuation of recurring payments? I have about 1000 recurring payments set up on my forums and I'm trying to work out how to manage my move from vB to XF.

Many thanks


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Old recurring payments won't be triggered within XF. They don't contain the data that we expect/can verify to process them. In that regard, they'll expire as if the payment wasn't received.

However, the payments will still happen in PayPal. You'd either need to commit to manual extension to keep these recurring subscriptions working or you'd need to stop the recurring payments within PayPal and have people resubscribe.

As a side note, depending on how you did the user upgrade, it may not be entirely convertable to XF. We can only properly convert secondary group changes as that's all we have a concept of. If the primary group was changed, we'll import the log of the change, but the group change can't be automated on expiration.

Sadik B

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I should mention here that technically with some custom development it IS possible to have your paypal subscriptions continue with XenForo. The IPN endpoint in VBulletin has to be overwritten with custom code which connects to XenForo and depending on the IPN data it needs to take appropriate action in XenForo. It would require custom development though.