Vbulletin to Xenforo concerns


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Hi! I am seriously looking at making the switch; too many users are primarily on mobile now and VB just isn't great in that regard.

I have some concerns though about the loss of features we have currently that I know our members won't be happy about losing - the main two being the reputation system and blogs. I have had a bit of a look but unsure if there's any XF equivalent to these, so I'd love some advice on whether there is, if the data could be converted and how it would look on the other side.



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You should make a list of all the addons & features that your board uses and need, then list out whether the function exists on XF or by addon.

If there's anything you need that do not exist, you can speak to addon developers here to develop the feature and weigh the total upgrade cost.

We did lose some features in the switch over, but those were absolutely outdated functions from vB that no one cared about.


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