XF 1.4 vBulletin import not copying private forums


We're currently porting over a 4.2.2. vBulletin forum to xenforo. File errors meant we had to start the import over fresh. This has somehow created a clone set of empty 'ghost' forums for all public areas but more importantly the private forums we use for admin/mod duties and coordinating news coverage have not been ported over.

Is there a way to fix this? Currently our best assumption is that it would require briefly making these forums public.



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Are you sure they haven't been ported over and the permissions aren't properly set?

Just looked in the code and there is absolutely no reason it would be ignoring private forums as it selects the entire database.
I'm currently set as an Admin and I can't see any of the private staff forums.

Regarding the duplicates, I definitely told it to abandon the failed import data and start over. Is there an easy way to remove the duplicates or would it require importing over again?


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Just because you are an adminstrator doesn't mean the permissions translated correctly. Can you see the forum in the node list?