XF 2.0 vBulletin forum 3.8.11 and vBulletin blog 2.0.6 : can broken software be imported?


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In the beginning of this year vBulletin Support upgraded (I as admin was not available) our vB 3.8.8 forum to vB 3.8.11, since that was the version that supported PHP 5.6, which our hostingprovider switched to. vB 3.8.8. did not support PHP 5.6 and our forum became inaccessible.

After this upgrade to vB 3.8.11 we encountered several issues with our vBlog product. But not only the Blog product itself became buggy, also the vB forum software itself -in combination with vBlog 2.0.6- became dysfunctional. Certain functionality on the forum did not work well anymore, but even more seriously: certain aspects of the Admin Control Panel also did not work any longer :cautious:.

We we forced to disable the Blog product, for our vB 3.8.11 forum to function properly again. Apparently vBulletin Forum 3.8.11 broke the vBulletin Blog product (2.0.6).
Our host is running PHP 5.6 so we need to run vBulletin 3.8.11. But vBulletin 3.8.11 breaks vBulletin Blog 2.0.6. And so we can not run the Blogs anymore. In fact, even if vBulletin 3.8.11 would not break vBulletin vBlog, vBlog 2.0.6. does not support PHP 5.6 as I've understood, so we can not run it anyway any longer.

Am I asking too much when I think like this? :

How is it possible that the forum product is updated by releasing version vBulletin 3.8.11 where is breaks our purchased accompanying vBlog product that is supposed to work together with that forum-product (and which in return is also broken when the Blog is active)? The blog product is part of the vBulletin 3 series supporting products, so it should be made compatible with eachother as long as both products are not EOL.
It's clear what route I should take and that is finally migrating to Xenforo. We have been on vBulletin since 2001 (17 years... I can't believe it) o_O

I am not a technical person on this level, so what I would like to know/understand is:

Is it possible to migrate both our vBulletin 3.8.11 and vBlog 2.0.6. products to the latest Xenforo software? Even if they are broken as a duo at the moment?

(I have no idea how migration works... do the new vBlog importers (released with XF 2.0.1) only look at our current vB database contents and have our current software-functionality issues with vB Forum and vB Blog no negative influence on a migration process? Furthermore, can the current issues we encounter with vB Forum and vB Blog (which I have now disabled) create errors in the database itself that could influence a successful migration?)

Thanks. I would love to switch this year.


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Okay, thanks for confirming Slavik.

I don't know if the broken combi of vB Forum en vB Blog could have caused database errors (if that's even possible) in the meantime. But at the moment -with the Blog disabled- at least the Forum seems to work fine.