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vBulletin 5 to Xenforo Importer 1.1.414.1

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Necrophyte submitted a new resource:

VB5 to Xenforo Converter - Import vBulletin 5 to Xenforo

vBulletin 5.2.5 to Xenforo 1.5.12 Converter.

This is my first contribution to the community. Please bare with me on this. This is a VERY simple converter, no special css or anything, it just works.

I know this converter works with vBulletin 5.2.5 and Xenforo 1.5.12 as these are the versions I have, and tested with. I am uncertain if it works with any other versions.
Its slow. 500k posts will take approx 10 hours to do complete conversion.

I didn't make it convert permissions though. 2...

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During the conversion. No. Just learned how to do multiple inserts on a single insert. It does take more memory though. I recommend a max of 5000 on qty for posts and threads.


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I can't get it to work. MySQL config is correct as I can see that the conv_link table is created, but it fails on line #184 with error:
"Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method mysqli_result::fetch() in /data/www/html/xenforo/convert_vb5.php:184 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /data/www/html/xenforo/convert_vb5.php on line 184"

which is this:

I do have the right PHP modules - php -m | grep -i mysql


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Sorry my bad Give me a sec, and I'll update.
Or you can do a search for "fetch()" and change to "fetch_assoc()" in the mean time.
Sorry it was part of a change all in a doc and I must have missed it.