vBulletin 5 screenshots

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vBulletin 5 is unimpressive. But I'll still give it a benefit of doubt. But I don't see going back to vB from Xenforo. I just imagine how awesome XF will be by this year end :D
Remeber that they also created sim shots of what vB 4 and they could not produce it. Well they would of, but decided not to listen to own developers.... ( You all know what happen next).

I see that Kier's Blog img links are gimped over at the other site... I see that seems to be the usually coding for that brand.


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It's all too early. For me it would depend how easily it is to edit the style and whether existing mods/addons will work.
Yup ! Had high hopes for vb4 as well . Those so called screenshot for new vb4 was also released but it never happened . Let's see doesn't look that bad comparing to how it is right now .
Is this completely rewrite from scratch or refactoring of VB-4?

It looks like the same to me as vB4... It is doomed to fail! I regret everytime again if i think back that i bought the vB4 suite license twice... Never used the blog or cms!

I'm happy with my xenforo license but it have a lack in addons. Still waiting for some kind of garage software. I hoped drivethruonline was considering it but there is it really quiet so have no hope they will port theire addons to xenforo.


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Still looks far to difficult for a newbie to navigate. When i first started as a forum owner i loved all the bloat vB offered.. But since moving away from vB to XF i found its intuitive interface to be a breath of fresh air.. I in no way miss all the UI bloat on vB forums.. They all (vB forums) look like a cluster f**** of useless details.. If they ever figure out how to keep the bloat and make the UI pretty at the same time i believe vB might have a winner.. But then even if its solid gold i will never again give IB my money after they dismissed our 3.8 license agreements.
Here's a link to the original news story about vb5: http://www.marketwire.com/press-rel...social-community-website-software-1668391.htm

And it does appear to be a complete rewrite:

Built on a new core architecture, vBulletin 5 Connect gives web developers and site owners a significantly streamlined setup and administration experience and the fastest version ever of the software. The all-new UI has been completely overhauled and includes new sharing tools and social functionality, and photo and video sharing has never been easier.
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