vBulletin 4.2.3 BETA 3 to xenForo


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I am looking to make the switch to XF. I have a few questions.

1a) I need to allow certain site vendors to ability to post Paypal buttons in their post. In order to do it safely with vB I am using a mod that allows me to set the ability to post html (and parse it) by usergroup and not by forum. Is this available with XF?

1b) In my vendor forums, I use a mod that keeps the first post at the top of every page of the thread. Is this available with XF?

2) My attachments are stored in a directory (file system) above the public_html directory and not in the database. Will that be a problem?

3) Is there a mod avail that will allow a user edit the first post of their thread indefinitely not matter that the global setting is? I currently use a mod that allow me to set on a per forum basis.

4) Lastly, what will not import to XF? I do not use groups or albums.

That is all I can think of right now. My other mods are already made for XF by Snog.



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2 - You specify where the attachments are, they are going to be copied and you can remove the folder after import. So where it is now doesn't matter as you can move it for the import if needed.

4 - Reputation doesn't get imported, not directly anyways.


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I do not use reputations, or tags so I should be go there. What about broken links? htaccess?
You can easily do htaccess redirects to the default vBulletin URL's. There is another option there as well with scripts. If you are using vBSEO depending on your URL's you can have those rewritten as well. Just remember to retain content ID's on import. Assuming the links being rewritten have the content id in them its an easy redirect.

Your plugin questions seem like simple ones to write if they don't exist already. Not sure on the whole paypal button thing. To me depending on what is being pasted a bbcode replacement might work. But it's no longer the norm for forum software to allow html directly.


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I do not use vBseo. I just have the vB advanced friendly URLs turned on via the admincp.

Allowing certain trusted usergroups to post HTML that will parse to show a Paypal is a must for me. I'll have to investigate this more. I think that was the mod that Joe from Snogs site was telling me about.
I wouldn't want other members to do it so bbcode might not be the way. I doubt I could assign a bbcode to a usergroup.