vbulletin 4.2.0 to xenforo

Hello All,

I have small forum with 20k users, 700k posts, 10k topics and 10k CMS articles.

I could not find anything about CMS article conversion to xenforo. Do we have any way to convert CMS articles to Xenforo ?

I really want move to Xenforo from VB, however I need find something to import our VBCMS articles.



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There's also some Wordpress/Xenforo bridge addons, and you could possibly migrate the articles over to that while still making your forum users the owners of the articles... a lot easier long term IMO to manage articles in a CMS program and not a forum thread (like the unofficial importer does). Not sure if there's a VBCMS --> WP importer, although if you're a coder at all it shouldn't be difficult to migrate them using some SQL queries