vBSEO style link rewrites in message area


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I did some searching but couldn't find the answer... our site used vBSEO. One common request after migrating to XF is to make it so that when a user posts a link in a thread that the link text gets automatically rewritten to display the Title tag of the page being linked, like the way vBSEO used to do. I know it's not necessary for SEO purposes, but it's function the users apparently really liked.

I'm guessing that's not available in XF - or at least I couldn't find it in the setting anywhere and I couldn't find any plugins for it. Any chance it's planned for a future release? I wouldn't want it to be done by default, but maybe an option for those of us who used vBSEO.


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It has been suggested as far as I am aware.

Any announcements related to upcoming features will be posted in the HYS forum.


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The strange part is usually WYSIWYG text editors have a built in function that allows you to insert a link and specify the link title. Are there no editors available in core that have that functionality built in?


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I had a vb3 plugin that did this and for some reason I disabled it fairly quickly. I think because sometimes page titles are so bad that the URLs are better to use.