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Brian is the owner/coder/developer and he has created some innovative stuff that always worked well.

"Brian Gunter, creator of vbadvanced, wrote his own vbgallery which is now owned by Photopost"


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If he doesn't make an XFAdvanced, I'll be staying with vB 3.8. I need vBAdvanced + Article Forums for my site to function properly...:)

I hope to see an XF Article Forums mod soon as well ^__^


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I really do hope that he codes an XFAdvanced.
I can't & won't speak for Brian but last time I spoke with him about it XF is on his project list yet. There might be another new vBa project seen first but XF is definitely on his mind.


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Your point? People don't want to move to vB4.
That is correct, because I am waiting to join a class action lawsuit against Internet Brands for licensing fraud and will not accept their new licensing terms, I will not take any of their script updates due to the fact that you must accept a new license to download them.

steven s

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Kevin was pointing out that you can indeed update to vb4 as all vba products are compatible.
I see. My reply was in response to
We are in the same boat, this is the reason many will not update to vB 4.
Who I'm sure already knows that vBa works with vB4.
I'm reading that he did not want to update to vB4.
And based on this
Yeah, I hear you, but do not trust the coding behind vB 4, and I have been proved correct from what I read.
I am right.


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Most owners who have stuck with vB 3 have many more than one reason not to move to vB 4, but we don't even want to get into that story, there is not enough disk space to repeat it over again.


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You are "right" about what? That you assumed something (a few assumptions actually)? The way the posts read is that some people aren't updating to vB4 as they need the vBa products. All vBa products are available for vB4. Further clarification from person is that they are not updating to vB4 for other reasons.

But, hey, you go right on making assumptions and feel good about being "right" about something if that makes you happy.