vB5 migration to Xenforo - help available?


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We used to have a thriving forum using vB3, but we had security issues and so a move to vB4 was suggested. This solved our security problems but unfortunately left us with a blank canvas forum which didn't really have the functionality we wanted, nor the look and feel.
As vB4 development and support seemed to be waning, we made the move to vB5.
Oh dear. Our forum is now full of tumbleweeds...

So, we'd like to move to Xenforo but we need help. We don't have the skills to do this ourselves so we need an "expert". Anyone here able to help? We'd need to transfer as much user info and content as possible.

I'd also like to know from Xenforo if there is a plan for a vB5 migration tool (i see there are tools available for vB3 and vB4 already).




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Unfortunately there is no direct vB5 importer.
As far as I am aware, you can do it by migrating to IPB first and then XF.


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Hi Brogan,
Wow, you're fast! Thanks :)

Ok, just been checking out IPB and there does seem to be a vB5 tool to convert to IPB, that's something at least.

Out of interest, do you guys have a "professional services" division, with someone who could help us achieve this migration?