XF 1.5 vb4 import problems

Hi all, i'm just starting up my migration to Xenforo project, i'm trying to run the importer but its failing on the threads import:

Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '1458324' for key 'PRIMARY'

any ideas? i didn't have this issue when i tried it last time, i've used both the web and cli importers and its the same



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Check your source database for a duplicate post ID of 1458324

If everything looks fine there, most likely an error with php on the import step, check the XenForo post table and remove post ID 1458324 and it should let you continue (as they are imported in batches, you may have to remove a handful of ID's higher than that one also to allow it to re-import them and continue)
okay so i now get:

Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '2207220' for key 'PRIMARY'

there no duplicate, if i delete it from the xen database (which appears to be a valid post i'm deleting) it won't let me continue this time :(

this might be a daft question, but how do i "remove a handful of ID's higher" - if i sort the new post table by ID the newest entry is 7463673 ???


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You should be looking as to why you are getting the duplicate entries (do you have other staff who may be triggering the import page for example, so 2 people are essentially trying to import the same data and will throw that error).

The fix is the same, however, check the source database, and if required remove the duplicate from the XenForo database and try to allow it to continue.