XF 1.5 vB4.2 Import Questions


Hi, new to the xenforo forums. I have a vB4.2 forum to bring over and after some import testing, that is still ongoing, I have a question.
First off,
We have about 150k threads with roughly 2.3M posts.
Our Database is 2.3GB
Attachments are stored separately (file system) for another 29GB

Import of my Threads and Posts took 51 hours. There were several time out errors that required an F5 to resume the import. No errors though. Now I am onto Attachments and watching a .01 tick every 5-6 seconds.

My prod and test forums are on the same web and db servers. Since this was my first pass I went vanilla on the install and import.

I was wondering if there was something I could do differently to increase performance? Is it possible to be live at the same time an import is running or would that cause issues? I just need to keep downtime to a minimum, the competition loves our downtime.


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The simple answer if you just need to wait for it.

The longer answer is there are "hacks" to workaround it but they aren't something we can officially support.

Attachments are content agnostic, so if you can use that to your advantage such as opening the board with the upload functionality disabled why they finish in the background.

There are also other more advanced methods available such as saving the relevant attachment and import database tables and imported attachments from your test import, and the moving them into place, but this is something that we can't support if something does go wrong as it requires a good knowledge of the import process.

There is also the big board importer, which allows you to run multiple parts of the import simultaneously, though again this isn't an officially supported option.