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XF 1.4 VB3.8 - XF1.4 IIS Best Practices

About to switch to XF from VB 3.8

Site is: www.binderplanet.com

Forums are www.binderplanet.com/forums
I also have a photopost directory which I will deal with later.

Current site is on one server
(running IIS)
I am going to install XF on a new server.
(also IIS)

I've done some early testing and read though the install and importing documentation.

Couple things that aren't clear.
What's the best practice for these?

A) I will definitly backup and restore the DB from the old server to the new.
B) Should I keep the /forums structure or create a new directory for XF?
C) What should I copy and where before I start the import process?
(Images/attachments etc)

I don't think I should copy the whole site, and then install XF since I don't want to leave old files that aren't needed. I would think a fresh directory/install would be best.

Anything else I need to do before or after any of the steps?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The source data needs to be on the same server as XenForo so if that is different to your existing VB installation, yes, copy the directories.

It doesn't matter where you put them but if you place them in the same directory as XF, it will be easier to reference the path when configuring the importer.
So if I move \forums\ to the new server as \oldforums\ and install XF in \forums\
This would work?

When I copy the DB and Files do I need to get this site functional as well?
Edit the config file and such?