VB to XF Redirect with web.config


Anyone on a windows server with only web.config to use for redirects? My thread numbers are the same vB to XF so it should be easy. But anything I try either does nothing or breaks the forum.

If anyone does use windows and has managed to redirect old vB3 URLs to XF URLs could you share the script you use in web.config? I'm using web.config in the forum directory for friendly URLs. Could that be a conflict?
Could you use this or no?

Could you use this or no?

Ah thanks- that's fixed it. I had XF301VB installed but it didn't work initially. That's because the older version of the redirect had the files showthread.php and showpost.php included in the forum root directory. After the update to XF2 those files redirected to the install directory.

Removed those files while messing with web.config. With them gone XF301VB works!
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