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Hello I have both VB and IPB licenses, I found out about your site from a member or several members who posted dissatisfaction bases on previous experiences, I have no experiences with the previous versions of either before purchasing the software recently.

I will say that I am enjoying what I am seeing here and I am thinking about purchasing this forum software bases on the current creators of this forum software were the original creators of VB before the switch over and members from VB give high praises to the former employees who now design this site. I could have saved alot of money coming here.

I have a few questions and I hope that I don't seem pesky or anything but I would like to know a few things concerning this software...

1. How much will this software be when it is out of the beta stages?
2. Will you have a discounted sale again anytime soon?
3. If I purchased your beta will I be able to get a stable version when it becomes stable without paying again or will I have to pay with each revision?

4. Will you offer features similar to whats in VB but when it offered the community version at one time that included the blog, downloads, content and now they have something called nexus, no wait that is in IPB, ok I am somewhat getting them confused cause I have both.

This interface is different and I have no way of knowing all the features unless I go through the board

I would like to see a classified ad feature when I can offer free ad postings or fee based ad postings for my board members

I would like to see a store / ecommerce component for products and services

I would like to see some features similar to myspace and facebook

Oh my I would really like to see features like want ads, news, newspaper like ads for online and offline or print ads .....

Videos [ for uploaded videos, embedded videos, video links to stream from another source, videos that can be streamed directly from webcams or uploading or linked from another source, flash videos, real media videos etc]

A dating / matchamaking component [ hot or not feature with speed dating ] with graphics

free chat feature with graphics and multiple rooms

photo feature like IPB has as they call it a gallery

I might be willing to pay 2 maybe 300 dollars for this, yes I am greedy but it must be stable

I want a family tree feature that is graphical and test

I want the everything all in one. I don't want to buy software in pieces , well sometimes it's okay but sometimes it's just too expensive

I also would like to have a feature that supports ffmpeg but I would not want the videos to be soley reliant apon it, I want a Jobs feature for actual employment so employers can pay me to post job ads and peoople looking for work can search jobs and apply directly on my board and another feature of jobs for programmers, or service providers who can bid on work orders posted by people looking for service be it a software - electronic - home repair, car repair or child care service [ not service specific task etc .

Yeah I know I am being greedy but I want to get my monies worth - software changes to frequently and as soon as you buy it with in months it's already obsolete and mind you it is also very expensive

How about an educational component similar to moodle or better? I might break down and spend more money for this .. I'm broke but I might save and be willing to spend 500.00 for this

I want to have an all in one social networking site like never seen before

Would like a charity component in this software but not for known charities - I want to start my own - do donaton drives ect, a multifaceted marketplace with all payment processors both online and offline

Ok I am going to be quiet I am thinking way too much and getting way to happy at the thought

5. Will you be offering the same license features that everyone so proudly talks about regarding the old VB, I know this software is different but I am just curious

Thank you for your time and patience and listening to me rant....

Love what your doing over here


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The price will remain at $140 when the software is stable.
There are currently no plans to have another discounted sale period.

Purchasing a license now entitles you to a stable version at no additional cost, with 12 months support being provided from the date of the release.

As for all of the features you mention, it is impossible to say at this point which ones will or won't be coded and whether they will be included in the core or take the form of official add-ons.

Quite a few features have already been suggested in the suggestions forums:

It might be worth browsing each one to see if anything similar to your requirements has been requested and what discussion has taken place.

There is also an add-ons forum which contains many member-developed features: http://xenforo.com/community/forums/add-on-releases.32/

I doubt everything you want will be in the core software but add-ons can be requested and there are developers who are more than willing to take on custom work.


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Blimey, sounds like someone wants the kitchen sink as well! lol ;)

Seriously, some of those suggestions have no place in a forum software package, but by all means there could be add-ons that add the functionality into XF.