vb importing question

Hi, I have vb3.8 on my site and am looking into the switch to xenforo.

I have a quick question regarding importing my database. I am able to make a test installation of xenforo on a different server and import the vb database or does it have to be installed on the same domain?



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The original post is a bit vague.

If you export your vbulletin database to another server there would be no reason why you can't do a test installation on a seperate server.
Sorry Slavik....'Vague' about sums up my knowledge of databases though :)

i'll look into exporting the database(or getting someone to help me do it)



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It needs to be on the same server.
That's not entirely true, I believe. When you perform the import, you can specify the site/domain you want to import from. I just ran a quick test from my localhost and connected to our old vB3 database on a remote server.

Feel free to smack me if I am dead wrong. Feel free to hire me for import jobs if I happen to be right :D