XF 1.5 vB 4x to xenForo 1.5x question

I look for an answer, or suggestions, and didn't find anything.

I want to install xenforo in the same directory and vB, which is the root. It's my understanding that none of the vB files are required for import but durring my test (which worked fine in a subdirectory) I had to enter the attachments and customavatars directory paths. Is it safe to assume that I can delete everything but those 2 directories proir to importing, or are there other files/directories from vB that I should keep?


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In the Xenforo directory you need nothing of VB.
As long as the two mentioned directories are somewhere where PHP can reach them (could be limited because of security settings).

However, do not delete your old VB install (files+database). Keep a backup, at least for some years.
There are plenty things that could help later on.

Examples that I had were eg. signature pictures, several hundred posts where the importer silently failed (probably because of a db problem, detected more than one year later), and much stuff by VB addons.