XF 2.2 vB 4.2.5 to Xenforo - file limit

N Orku


I installed Xenforo 2.2 into a test folder and commenced the import from vB. Unfortunately I hit my file limit of 250,000 during the step where attachments are imported. I have these stored in the file system, not the vB database. I have 49,000 attachments and I think I could complete the migration if I were able to move those files out of vB and into a location away from my server but still accessible to the Xenforo importer. I'm just wondering whether that is possible.
In vBulletin's attachment manager under storage type select the option to move attachments to the database. It's likely going to have a long time with that many attachments, but it will result in all those files being moved into a single database file.
Hi there and thanks for responding. Sorry, I should have explained myself better. I did indeed attempt to do that after hitting the file limit but vB threw its teddy in the corner and hit me with a "File upload failed" error for every single file. I tried both 777 and 755 on the attachments folder and also tried reducing the batch size to 10 but no luck. That would indeed solve my problem though I think - if vB would only do as it's told....
Simplest options at this point:

1. Get the limit increased.
2. Move to a host without those limits.
3. Get remote storage that can be mounted as the internal_data/attachments folder in Xenforo. This is a topic all by itself, which unfortunately I'm too buried with work to cover in any detail

Yes, I asked my host about that and two days later I got an answer saying that they can't change it via their system, whatever that means. I have considered moving to a new host but that would mean extra expense just so that I have the space to migrate vB to Xenforo. After I have deleted vB off the server and have Xenforo up and running I would be well within the limits of my current hosting package. This is why I was looking to see whether Xenforo can import attachments from a location other than my server. Your option 3 looks to be the only way I can get around this problem and I will look into it. Many thanks.
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