Migrating vb 4.2.5 to xenforo


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Hi there,

i want to migrate my running vb 4.2.5 forum to xenforo.
It will be - more or less - a basic migration. I do not care about old plugins, no special layout etc. That can be done afterwards.

Just importing users/groups/postings/attachments ...
Checking links in old posts working
There is adserver (Revive adserver) running on the same machine. A little help, where to put banner code in the template, would be fine.
Yes, sure i forgot something

To be honest, even i did the administration of the forum over years, i feel my knowledge not good enough to do that alone.

Slavik offers a service for migration, which I think would help. But unfortunetaly i can not contact him directly right now.
Could anyone help?

Thanks a lot!



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Most customers feel comfortable doing an import - it requires very little input (database credentials) and is automated.

There are redirection scripts to ensure traffic is redirected to the new XF URLs.

The built in ad templates allow you to inject ads on various pages.

However, if you really want someone to do it for you and want to get their attention, tag them using the @ character, followed by their user name, like this @Slavik


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I've got some answers, thank you very much!

I am in contact with some guys and will answer all others tomorrow. Hard day, tired ;)

Thanks again for your offers to help.

stay healthy - Peter