XF 1.4 vb 4.2.2 importing private messages into profile posts


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After we did our import is was discovered that some of the private messages are mixed in and visible with members new profile posts

The only thing we could think of is turn off everything having to do with profile posts so they weren't visible.

Anyone heard of this happening?
I've certainly never heard of this and, if I'm honest, I don't think it's possible. The data types are very separate and unrelated (in both systems). Perhaps users sent profile posts (in the past) and didn't realize that's what they did?
I have profile posts turned off completely, but if we went to the MEMBERS tab, then NEW PROFILE POSTS, it was a grab by of actual profile posts and a mix of private messages
I could see a message, go to that users profile and that message wasn't shown there. I had another mod confirm on his messages that some of them showing up were indeed private messages
Honestly, I still don't see how this is possible. If you can submit a ticket with access details, I can have a look. I'd need access to an account that can see the profile posts and something like phpMyAdmin to see the database, along with some examples of what shouldn't be there.
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