vB 4.07 - import only users?

I can't post to the thread where the vB import process is being discussed, but for me, this is a "pre sale" question anyway. I'd like to purchase ZF and install it beside my vB 4.07 installation and import, not the whole database, but just the users so our registered users can start playing with it.

Then, when we're ready (and when ZF comes out of beta) I'd wipe the ZF installation and do a full import before closing my vB forum down.

Is that doable? How hard would it be?

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

Jake Bunce

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That is very doable. You can do a partial import with just users. You would run the user module on the import screen and skip the rest.


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I brought the whole forum in, just to be sure things worked well and a test import. It will be a test forum. I may or may not delete the other forums before having people test it..

At this time I think having familiar content on the test site will encourage users to test it out more, so I will probably leave those forums so people can test in the forums that they seem comfortable in. I'll let them know any posting will disappear.


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This may help, a screen shot of the import screen.
btw - I've been studying the performance/query count of my vb3.8 forum to my test install and xf.com - amazing differences. You should buy yourself a Christmas present. :)

Import screen.JPG

Though I really don't know how a vb4 import compares, that is something someone else wrote.
We have a few users who would cry great tears if I moved to forum software without the arcade. Also, while the "like" feature here is a fine replacement for "thanks" I have a hacked version of it for "laughing" that gets great deal of use. I think some would miss the specific "Laughing with..." feature. I guess I need to work through my vB forum and list all the tweaks and addons that have become "standard" for our users and see what is missing as ZF is coming along.