vB 3.8.x > XF: Impact on Revenue?

My main forums is what my family relies on to eat so to say the least, I'm very concerned about the potential impact a move to xenforo will have on my bottom line. In particular, what prompted this thread is what someone just told me.

As a side-note the Element Helper for Adblock Plus works brilliantly with Xenforo. You can remove any trace of a particular poster - all of their posts, all threads created by them, even their name on the membership list. You can also block forum sections you don't use along with the widgets & sidebars that contain ads.
I'm satisfied with the revenue now and adblockers seem to have minimal impact. What can I expect if I move to XF?
Our Adsense revenue stayed pretty similar from Vb to XF until we moved to the responsive design and then it about halved.
I should have mentioned I use a "waterfall" of CPM networks. In other words, the first half of your sentence is relevant and the second half isn't. Life after AdSense has been glorious.


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In that case, page views were down slightly (after posting, VB would have an extra page saying "you have posted" which XF doesn't have) but user interaction was up which pretty much kept things stable.


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If you actually rely on the revenue from your forum you should move quickly to another software, or otherwise you might suffer from a penalty from google:
Our Adsense revenue stayed pretty similar from Vb to XF until we moved to the responsive design and then it about halved.
I'm in a similar position to OP, and having had an alert from Google about my site being non-responsive I'm looking to move to xenforo but am worried about the impact on revenues from adsense.

Your reply about revenues being halved due to responsive design is worrying as Google is encouraging move to responsive site.

Can you please explain a bit more?

I'm very interested in moving to xenforo and have been watching it for years but need to know that I'm not going to lose out in ad revenues.
Thanks for the quick response, I will check it out in more detail. In the meantime would love to see ads in action on some xenoforo powered forums, expecially those migrated from VB3

Please PM url if preferred.


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I'm interested in this topic too, along with the rest of the vB3 to Xenforo migration issues.

Does anyone have examples of ad placements that look like this? Is it difficult to accomplish this or similar with Xenforo?


Is the theme used by this Xenforo community the default theme?

Google Adsense has responsive ad units now. Has anyone tried those when migrating?

How about maintaining link structure etc? Will sites using vBSEO (I know..) and DBTech SEO migrate OK?

Going mobile dead of taking a 50% hit aren't much different for me so I figure now is the time to upgrade.

Why do I want Xenforo instead of vBulletin 5?

Is there a vB3 to Xenforo guide or list of tips?



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I have to be honest here..... when I switched to xF from vB our adsense income dropped around 60% - it has continued to fall ever since and I'm at the point where I'm considering removing adsense altogether as we have several direct advertisers so can probably live without adsense.


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Do you know why? Different placement locations? Broken URL structure?

When did you change? A lot of forums had seen a drop anyways. Maybe the timing is related to that and not the change in forum software?


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I changed almost two years ago if i recall.
With nearly 2 million page views a month I can almost, but not quite buy myself a sandwich each day from adsense revenue - it really is pathetic.


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Drop was severe on switching but then a gradual decline. I don't regret switching though, best thing ever. Adsense isn't everything as we have several revenue streams.