VAT when purchasing a license

Greetings, it has come to my understanding that xenForo charges 20% VAT for all european customers, however the issue is that in my country (Norway), we do not pay any VAT at all for downloadable products (digital downloads). Is there any way to purchase an license and not pay 20% VAT that I shouldn't pay in the first place?


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Have you gone through the checkout process? It shouldn't be charging you VAT after you enter your address (I recall seeing purchases from Norway without VAT charged).
Hi, no I have not purchased an license yet. I am on the verge of buying one, need to come up with a good plan to transition from SMF first. I just wanted to make sure that the price would be $140 and not more.


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You shouldn't be charged VAT. If you have an issue during the purchase, submit a ticket and we'll get it sorted. :)
Sorry for reviving another thread, but didn't wanted to create a new one, since is related.

I am a citizen of a non-EC country, but for the moment my job requires to be in France for a few months. How is the VAT handled ? Do I need to pay it ? (according to the IP when I make the purchase -now) Or not ? (according to my nationality)
How about for the use ? My server will most probably be hosted in US.
How about for the anual renewal ?

Thank you in advance for your information.