Seriously considering purchasing a license


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Hi guys,
As you know I have been thinking about purchasing a xenforo license. I get paid from my umpiring footy shortly and I am just wondering which license to actually get. Also I would like to know what are the categories of the licenses are and what's cheaper?
I currently have got a vBulletin license but was going to use that license for something else. Whilst this one was going to be for a ripper of a footy forum that I going to create.
I have got the demo running at the moment too and loving the fact that I can create a website as well as other things.


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As far as I know there's only one option where you pay 140 usd and that entitles you to 1 year update. You are free extend updates at your discretion which will entitle you to 1 year of updates.

If your wanting to add extras such as the search add-on and resource add-on these are considered extras. Welcome to xenforo :)