Purchasing a license extension? How does it work?


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I've been running a XenForo site since the beginning and it's just a small community that doesn't exactly provide any income or any other ways to pay for the small things. I run the site with another person and he owns the domain and pays for the hosting.

I paid for the license of XenForo and that was when I had a job, but now I am moving off to college and my job will only be giving me two more paychecks. I want the license to stay in my name and in my name only. I was wondering if I purchased a license extension now, would it add a year from now, or a year from the date my license is set to expire?

Thanks everyone! :)


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The extension will add 12 months from the expiry date.

All support will be valid until early March 2012 though, as March 8 was the date of XenForo 1.0 release.


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I want the license to stay in my name and in my name only.
It will stay in your name and useable forever without the extension.
No support and upgrades for the software after the expire date.
Buy the extension later: get the upgrades for another year.


If you have a license - you can run it, with the support status being valid or not. You're not required to pay for a renewal fee.

The $40 renewal fee is to get additional support, such as downloading releases after the support expiry date.

If you run 1.0.4 now, tomorrow your license expires. Then in a week 1.1 gets released, you can continue to run 1.0.4, but you won't be able to download 1.1

You can renew the license support for 12 more months, which gives you access to the 1.1.

Disclaimer: Just using clear version numbering to make the example easier. I don't know when 1.1 comes out.