Add-on Various Profile Page options


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I don't know why our wonderful designers haven't come up with a variety of designs for the profile page. Maybe just the court case blight.

Time for some of the famous XF creativity on this one... profile widget blocks?

... profile in 2 columns with stuff pulled from those ghastly tabs please. We dont need all that space for profile posts.
.... with the RM list of addons, or articles on the RM by this user.
-- a showcase for user photos, a sample few, link to full gallery page. (RM or another addon for the gallery)
... user chooses a set of palette colours for their page - yes I know many don't like this but just as many do so - addon.
...user can put css on their name and status title - on profile page only.
... Conversation buttons in several optional locations - option to rename Contact.

I'm not offering to sponsor this but I do think it would make a good PAID addon.
Maybe one option free to get the dev's name linked to profile designs, and the others paid.