Fixed variable {container_type} from phrase: "x_added_new_media_y_to_container_z"?


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Hi @Chris D

there is something wrong with "{container_type}" from i think
<phrase title="x_added_new_media_y_to_container_z" addon_id="XenGallery" version_id="2000034" version_string="2.0 BETA 4"><![CDATA[{name} added new media {title} to {container_type} {container}]]></phrase>
where are "category" and "album" comming from, as those are not translated on our sites even @Sasa have done most of the enduser translation into another language?

examples from cyrilics:
zztamara је додао(ла) нови медиј Slike razni autori у category Sve i svašta
anuška је додао(ла) нови медиј Torta za dva mališana у album Anuška foto

thank you in advance!
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