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[] LinkedIn Share Button 1.1

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Chris D

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Yorick submitted a new resource:

[] LinkedIn Share Button (version 1.0) - Adds a LinkedIn Share button to the share_page and sidebar_share_page.

This add on, quite simply, adds a new share button for Linked In. As requested a few times ( most recently by sqzdog.

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I think you can guess what it does!

Something I'm going to start doing more of, this add-on includes two versions. One for TMS and one for non-TMS.

The one package gets...
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Chris D

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Yorick updated [] LinkedIn Share Button with a new update entry:

Minor update and fix

I wasn't particularly happy with how I hooked this code in the previous version.

It used a str_replace that in the non-TMS version which placed the code within the Google +1 <xen:if tags resulting in the button only being displayed if you also had Google+ enabled.

The update now puts the Linked In code right at the start of the template_hook, so the position of the button has now changed.

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This also reduces the risk of any other add ons interfering with this...
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Chris D

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You have installed the TMS version and you do not have the TMS add-on installed.

Please follow the installation instructions from the Resource Description correctly.


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Hi @Chris D, is there a version available for XenForo 1.4? Basically, the linkedin button is showing in bottom left section of the site, instead of the "Share This Page" box on default style. Cannot figure out why this is happening. :)